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Who we are

We are a simple family born and raised on the values of our land . The Passion for our work is passed down from our parents, who shared with us the passion for a genuine and wholesome product: Olive Oil.

The company, born over 90 years ago, is dedicated to the production and exportation of flowers all over the world, it has, also, always produced a small quantity of extra-virgin olive oil, for the family and close friends consumption.

The extreme care that we use in our plants cultivation, without the use of products toxic for the plants, the environment and humanity, has made it possible for us to have a more natural and genuine product, and thanks to the cold pressing process we achieve a very unique outcome.

When our Son was born we decided to plant one small olive tree in our olive grove, we called this symbol of strength and energy “Dolio”, like our oil. We asked ourselves if it could have been possible to increase our production of extra-virgin olive oil and market it to people who, like us, would understand the hard work we have to put in, in order to obtain such a wholesome and genuine result.

Our main objective is for our clients to experience something that for us has always been the norm, as my great grandmother gave me a snack of bread and new olive oil, just pressed and very strong, we do the same for our son conscious of the fact that he is eating something wholesome and genuine. Experiencing our custom first hand should be a reason for our clients to be consuming an exceptional olive oil of uncontested quality.

Our cultivations are at different altitudes, this makes it possible for us to pick the fruit at different times and still be able to do the first cold pressing within the day of harvest. We are also in the middle of the long process needed to achieve a certification for biological production which is really important for us as a symbol of our quality and seriousness.

Our production is limited to only a few products since we are a small company and not a retailer! We know how to make olive oil and olives in brine, we do not make anything else, because we do not like to try to pass and sell as our a product that it was not made by us.